For 15 years the company “Otzarin” has provided catering services and catering to museums, cafes, events, and private functions throughout the country. “Otzarin” lovingly provides an experience of taste and personal aesthetics for any occasion. The kitchen of “Otzarin” maintain healthy food, nutritious and rich in herbs and vegetables that create cultural and culinary experience pleasurable. Combinations of different styles delicacies – some of which originated in Normandy, the birthplace of the chef Fabrice treasure, and some have links Mediterranean together form position us for a second fragrance magical atmosphere of overseas cardigan nearest Israeli authenticity hearts.

The House of Otzarin

Between the beautiful alleys of Old Jaffa lies Beit Otzarin. Literally, it’s a treasure trove of taste, charm, and atmosphere that combines aesthetics and quality with an authentic French-Israeli vibe. As darkness rises, Otzarin hosts events that are held by private and corporate groups as requested – especially for those seeking a relaxed space combined with the intimate magical atmosphere of Old Jaffa.

We turned a 17th Century Ottoman Empire building into a chic bohemian home. The house is located in old Jaffa surrounded by the sea. Our cuisine is styled with a touch of provincial France.

Thanks to our unique establishment, fantastic staff and atmosphere we are accustomed to host the finest companies in Israel and abroad, as well as private guests who choose us to provide them with the most beautiful event.

Come visit us!

Otzarin's new lunch menu for groups

Otzarin House with a new lunch menu for groups of 40 guests or more,
*** midweek days: Sundays – Thursdays 12:00-16:00 ***

you are invited to a lunch break in the heart of Old Jaffa,
to enjoy great food and atmosphere at our special venue,
right in front of the ocean and Jaffa’s old stone Kikar Kdumim view.


Catering business event

The couple Law and Fabrice Ossart installed in Old Jaffa offers for 15 years of service catering and restoration of museums, cafes and events across the country. Today, after the creation of Beit Otzarin, Dorit and Fabrice pair continues to provide the best catering and produce unique events. Already, Beit Otzarin, himself, now proposes to invest its premises for any event for companies and individuals in search of warmth and authenticity. Beit Otzarin desire is to give visitors a warm and welcoming place, delight the senses and mind and allow them to come back and feel like home. The kitchen Beit Otzarin emphasizes healthy, nutritious and rich in herbs and vegetables from the market of the day, bread and homemade pastries – baked on site.

Beit Otzarin is ideal for hosting corporate events in a cultural environment, rich and unusual aesthetic for events such as consolidation parties, business entertainment and more.

We will be happy to offer our services to the exceptional courtesy, personalization of events and restaurant in the style of business to create a cultural evening and contribute to the event’s success.

Catering Private event

Beit Otzarin is the ideal location for any event of exceptional quality, both culinary and cultural. Whether it’s a birthday, bar mitzvah, wedding, or Shabbat hatan working dinner, and other conference, the event will take place in an intimate and warm environment.

The guest can choose between a kitchen entirely from milk or meat, which are provided by the partners of the restoration Beit Otzarin. Whatever type of cuisine of the event, the appetizers are generous and aesthetics. Thereafter, during each event, a space will be designed according the customer’s personal taste, from the furniture to the art of the table, so that the event is unique and expresses the desire of the client

Dorit & Fabrice


Fabrice is a chef of “Otzarin”. A native of France acquired the Culinary Education in Normandy and stayed true to its origins after his immigration to Israel, in a unique blend of local Mediterranean flavors, herbs and professional precision. Fabrice draws much inspiration from the ancient and picturesque scenery of Jaffa next to her heavenly sunset, and uses it to culinary creations.


Dorit is the events manager “Otzarin” and is responsible for the poetic aspects of the place: the atmosphere, design and production, focusing on design experience of the event, be it a party, a ball or a seminar held in Beit “Otzrin “. With special attention to detail, tones and nuances creates a generational moments of magic that you can listen to the breathing of the stones, the whisper of the walls and be to awaken the senses and six energetic mood, nice and rare.

simtat ha dagim 1, tel aviv-jaffa

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